Enchanted Evening Barbie
Jill as "Enchanted Evening Barbie"

Barbie Convention - Nashville, TN

Barbie & Ken in Nashville
Barbie & Ken at the 2014 Nashville Convention - Post-show Meet & Greet and Photo-op

Allan, Midge, Barbie & Ken in Nashville
Allan, Midge, Barbie & Ken

Barbie Company in Nashville
Barbie Cast with Jennifer Gold & Director/Choreographer Linda Simmons

Roller Skating Barbie
Barbie Convention Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Ken!

Rollerskating Ken and Barbie
Roller Skating Ken and Barbie

Wild & Wonderful Barbie
Wild & Wonderful Barbie

60's Dolls- Wild & Wonderful Barbie, Stacey and Francie

The Barbie girls

Barbie & Ken Cast with Mattel Designers

Barbie 2011 Cast
Barbie & Ken Cast


Barbie and the Rockers
As Barbie from Barbie and the Rockers
Barbie Convention, Cleveland Ohio  

Barbie and the Rockers on stage

  Ken and Barbie
Ken & Barbie - after the show

with a fun little fan, Brooke

Barbie slumber party ladies - "What I Like About You"

as Debbie Harry
As Debbie Harry (Blondie) Barbie Doll

Jill as Debbie Harry (Blondie)

Blondie Medley: "Heart of Glass," "One Way or Another," "Call Me"

Barbie Cast

Barbie Cast / Directors / Mattel Designers

  Jill Morrison as Vintage Barbie
Jill Morrison as the original Barbie
Barbie Convention, Washington D.C.  
Barbie 50th Anniversary Gala

Jill sings "Come On Everybody" as Vintage Barbie
Jill sings "Come On Everybody" as Vintage Barbie

Jill Morrison as Malibu Barbie
As Malibu Barbie

  Malibu Barbie chats with Grace
Grace chats with Malibu Barbie
Malibu Barbie twirls he towel
Malibu Barbie twirls her towel while singing, "California Girls"

Superstar Barbie and Christie
Jill Morrison and Dionne Figgins as Superstar Barbie and Christie

Jill as Superstar Barbie
"I Will Survive" / "No More Tears"
Barbie Hustle
Teaching the audience to do "The Hustle" as Superstar Barbie

Barbie 2009 Cast
Barbie Cast

  Ken and Barbie
Ken and Barbie after the show
 Barbie Convention in Kansas City, Missouri  
Barbie on the Runway

Barbie and Award
Movie Mixer Barbie with "Prettiest in Pink" Award
Jill Morrison as Movie Mixer Barbie


As Solo in the Spotlight Barbie

The cast preparing for the opening number, "Vogue"
Vogue Barbies
"Vogue" Barbies

Barbie Cast with Linda
Barbie Cast with Director/Choreographer: Linda Simmons

Barbie Cast and Designers
Barbie Cast with Liz Grampp (Head of Convention)
& Doll Designers: Bill Greening, Robert Best and Linda Kyaw

Barbie Convention in Dallas, Texas

Denim to Diamonds

Barbie Pivotal Body
Cabaret Dancer - Blonde

The dark, smoky magic of the cabaret was the inspiration behind the Jazz Baby™ collection, an authentic tribute to the beauty and mystery of performers in the Jazz Age. Cabaret Dancer Barbie® doll is dressed to thrill in a daring black and silvery outfit designed to show off those agile legs! Fishnet hose, spiky heels and a sassy top hat complete the sultry stage look. Inspired by classic femme fatales from the Broadway stage, this doll features the fully posable Pivotal™ body, with 12 points of articulation!

Gold Label 2007



Barbies and Bill, the designer
The Barbies with Bill Greening (designer of the dolls)

After the Barbie Show with Liz, Paul, Hanne

The Jazz Baby Barbie Dolls

As Waitress Barbie
Barbie Convention in Los Angeles  


Hula Honey Barbie, Stacey, Waitress Barbie, Ken, Way Out West Barbie, Pink Ribbon Barbie

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